1. Red Moon

From the recording Red Moon EP


working eight hour days and wasting away
is a thing of the past, it just couldn't last
the lines have been drawn, the fear is all gone
the feeling's too strong, i knew it all along

feeling stuck in this search, with no time to rehearse
left me bitter and bruised, nothing left now to lose
in this timeless romance far beyond circumstance
i see mountains and hills, dream to move them at will

now i'm building with bricks, sick of dried mud and sticks
they never worked out so well, down i'm glad that they fell
out of darkness comes grace, and it isn't a race
so i'll sprint when I can, cause i'm only a man

theres nothing but light and there's no need to fight
and night's not too dark for a walk in the park
i know what i want and there's no need to hunt
i'm ready to change all these cells in my brain
this red moon will pave my path and I can't help but laugh

Ha Ha Ha Ha-Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Let this water keep pouring til it gets old and boring
as this storm persists, i bend at the wrists
these joints are still young, a song yet to be sung
as my memory fades, i'll just fly away, singing...