From the recording Red Moon EP


spilled coffee on your pants
gotta change your clothes
before you go to work
nervous about your presentation
and you're acting like a jerk

you've got a lot to do tonight
said, "there's no time for flying sideways"
but i say

take your shoes off, make yourself at home
the world won't end if you turn off your phone
roll your sleeves up, take a chance or two
you'll never know what's waiting 'til you do
(real until)

sweating like you just ran a marathon
and crossed the finish line
take a deep breath and shake it off
next time around, you'll do just fine

so little time to fall in love
you're just so scared it won't go your way
but i say

your mind is cluttered full of thoughts
and things you wanna do with your life
but it's alright