1. Play Along

From the recording Visions of the Future EP


every now and then i catch a glimpse of what could be
its that perfect melody, how easy it seems
undoubtedly to follow is a harsh reality
i've tried sticking to my guns, but unstuck i will become

my past is full of failures piled neatly in my brain
i've tried to hide them all away, but i can see through my charade
inevitably i've returned to my escape from pain
and it fills up all my days, and i know it might sound crazy

but would you play along with me
lets pretend that everything is lovely
would you sing along with me
i can't live without your harmony

i try to be exemplary, the way i choose to be
i'm addicted to euphoria of generosity
they say everything's ephemeral and soon my light will fade
but i need a better reason than the dollars that i'm paid

i've seen myself unsteady under all the weight i hold
as i chase after the gold, still i'm left out in the cold
i can't afford firewood to spark another blaze
but i'm tired of this haze and i know it might sound crazy but

if i could look close enough at you, id see myself
and all the dreams that i forgot to write down
i'd see the only thing that matters is right now