From the recording Visions of the Future EP


skip forward to the day
when we're no longer running out of time,
and past has let us go.
i'm caught between two worlds,
hoping to be given a sign,
there's too much i don't know.
you say don't give up so easy.
isn't that easy to say when you've found your way?
and i'm still stumbling through the darkness
hoping for a hand to hold, an arm to pull me through.
sometimes when i look in her eyes
i am reminded of what was,
when our love could not be broken.
when i get to fighting with the world,
i know its mostly just because i left my words unspoken.
well, love are you still in my corner?
even though i let you down and kicked you around.
is there some way you could have warned her
to look elsewhere for a hand to hold, an arm to pull her through?
i can hear you in the silence saying,
let it go, let it go
I could dance to you rhythm if i could uncurl my toes.
the past has got a hold on me that i don't fully understand.
guide me through the water to land.
you say stop swimmin' upstream,
and darling, i can see what you mean,
getting caught between my world and my dreams,
looking for a hand to hold, an arm to pull me through