1. Still Gone

From the recording Visions of the Future EP


your anthem broke the silence
i couldn't help but sing along
as fear was coarsing through my veins
i'm no stranger to triumph
but all the moments inbetween
the victories wear me down

i started to see the truth
then i returned to where i'd made my home
deep in the silence
the clarity that gave me pause
left as soon as it arrived
and now i'm wondering where i'll be years from now when it's still gone

my eyes are getting tired
from staring at this bright screen while
the world is covered by the dark
i've swallowed down this culture pill
a dream that i am unable to wake from
as my wandering life just lives itself away

my lyrics leave some worried
and others puzzled scratching at their heads
still some find pleasure, as do i
i can't live my life lonely
or tied down tight on someone else's word
and so i sing myself a song

does this all stem from
those times i used to blame myself
for things that were outside of my control
well i've grown out of that
and into something different that
i'm not yet wise enough to throw away