From the recording Visions of the Future EP


late at night, i catch visions of the future,
alone in my room, i'd share them with you.
what's mine is yours and i'm not holding back anymore.
we were cut from the same chords,
the same lines. repeating since the sunrise.
we long for the return,
our broken hearts beating to the tune
of a song that was written for us,
something we can trust,
something that will stay,
and keep the world out of our way.
close your eyes and watch the colors dance
against the darkness within, we won't let it win.
i'll leave the light on if you promise to stay by my side.
i've got nothing to hide. i let my fear go.
i hope that you can see me like i see you.
let me carry your weight on the way home.
it will carry me, carry me home.