From the recording Abbreviations


well sometimes you cross my mind
i can’t get you out of my head
i can’t think straight anymore
these hollow fantasies
echoes of some deep desire
have all washed up on my shore

and it’s hopeless to fight it, ive tried
too easy to keep this dream alive
i’m ready to run away from you

when my heart’s been emptied out
and i have wasted it all
i won’t have you to blame
i got caught up again
in lovesick fairytales
but real life isn’t the same

and it’s fruitless to live this way
i remember better days
i’m ready to turn and run away from you

i saw this coming, i’ve been here before
i’ve made the same mistake twice
but wouldn’t it be nice
if my dream came true with you

there i go again
playing games i’ll never win
i’ve really gotta run away from you