Indie Alt-Folk Evolution

Church hymns gave birth to my musical curiosity, and one lucky day flipping the television to MTV set me on a path that would start with emo-rock and end with folk-pop. By the mid 00s, an acoustic guitar became my constant companion as I documented my artistic growth through YouTube videos.

In the pursuit of realizing the potential of a deep connection I feel for this craft, I embraced the challenge of songwriting through the encouragement of the online music community. This ultimately led to sharing several west coast tour dates with a group of my peers in the early 2010s.

My songs draw from a fusion of styles rooted in the deep legacy of indie alt-folk. The copper and wood that make up my instrument are not merely a tool, but an extension of my soul. I hope that my therapeutic canvas of self-discovery can spark a unique journey for each listener.

As I’ve been rehearsing my set list of original songs, I’m inspired by Seattle’s rich musical history and vibrant independent arts scene. I’m eager to share what I’ve been working on. I’m committed and excited to find a rhythm in contributing to this dynamic community.

Hours of gazing at chord charts, and hundreds of cups of tea, have all led to this. I’m filled with anticipation, ready to share and to learn. I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey. I hope to see you soon.

Join me at Couth Buzzard for a showcase with Songwriters In Seattle
on Saturday, November 4, 2023 at 7:30 PM.

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